23rd February 2017

text analysis


When people communicate via text they often use shortened words and abbreviations, Whist many people might not agree with this use of text i believe it is about speed and efficiency, understanding for some and inclusivity.

An example of efficiency can be be seen in the analysis of the abbreviation “tho” . When people use the abbreviation “tho” in place of “though” It is about time just like many abbreviations made in text language. When someone writes “tho” instead of “though” they are halving the amount of characters used in the work minimizing the number of keystrokes required to communicate what the speaking is trying communicate. People don’t do this to inconvenience the reader ‘tho’ it may come across that way to someone that is unfamiliar with the use of “tho”. The same is true with many text words like “lol” “rofl” “wuu2”. All these words are used to speed things up for the typer and lessen the key strokes.

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