Devlin Lynden


Two young upscale New York college students, Brandon Shaw and Philip Morgan are friends and roommates who consider themselves intellectually superior to their friend David Kentley and as a consequence decide to murder him as hey consider him an inferior being. While Brandon feels exhilarated by their act, Philip is nervous, even more so by davids plan: to hide davids dead body in an unlocked trunk in their living room, the trunk which will be front and centre at a dinner party they will hold that evening before they get rid of Davids body. The people that Brandon has invited to the dinner party is another way to prove his superiority. On the guest list is Kenneth Lawrence, Davids best friend. Janet walker, Davids current Girlfriend, Henry Kentley, Davids farther and David, who obviously wont show up. Brandons final guest is Rupert Cadell, their former prep school house master, who he considers to be her intellectual equal and who in the past stated openly the murder can be justified in certain circumstances. Unfortunately Brandon prides him self with innuendos of the murder through out the dinner party discussion and as the night progresses Rupert begins to realise what has happened, making the perfect murder not so perfect after all.

The character Philip is very relatable to me. After the murder he fairs and frets about what will happen during the dinner party and id doubling the rations that they have taken. He shows this by saying things like “what if they find it” and “I’m not so sure anymore, this is scaring me” to Brandon. This shows that he is lucking in confidence when he is put under pressure and that he struggles to face up to what he has done as he is fearful of what might come of them and what might happen to him if he is connected to the murder. Although i have never committed murder, i have defiantly been in situations where i am afraid to face up to my actions because i know that perhaps they weren’t the right thing to do. In these situations i have often lacked confidence and looked up to a leader for help and advice, following them and doing what they tell me to do. For Philip this leader was Brandon. This helps me realise how scared he would have been in this situation and helps me understand why he did what he did, as he had a controlling friend/leader that he did everything with.

This movie give an insight to how murderers might think, How some of them think they are superior and that they have the right to kill an inferior human being. In the world there are still many people that commit planned murders, and understanding how they think and why they do what the do is key to their prosecution. It is scary to think that there may be people out there that you might even know that shear opinions with the likes of Brandon and Philip when it come to murder.

Alfred Hitchcock did an amazing job of directing this movie, and the fact that the whole movie is one shot with no cuts really its to the suspense and the thrill of this movie. I really enjoyed watching Rope, It had a solid story, great acting and great directing.



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