Devlin Lynden

Reading Response 1; Divergent (Book)

Beatrice Prior is a member of the faction abnegation. She’s sixteen so now its her time to go take the test to see witch faction that she belongs too. When she takes the test, the results aren’t normal. Beatrice is a Divergent (Tending to be different and displaying many qualities) and the dauntless member who tested her said to not tell anyone. The day too choose which faction you she will join comes. To her farther disappointment she chooses dauntless, her mum however seemed happy. She leaves to go to initiation which involves jumping on to a moving train, jumping from the train to a building top then dumping though a dark hole in the top of the building in to a net. This is where she first meets four, she then changes her name to “Tris”. From there she had to fight other members of the faction. She gets beat up to the point of hospitalisation. After she is healed they play capture the flag, however unlike normal capture the flag they had to use paintball guns to shoot their opponents. Tris, who had become quite friendly with four, spent a lot of time with four during the paintball fight. He helped her and backed her up. Together they climbed the ferris wheel and looked out over the night, shearing a ‘romantic’ moment. After initiation tris son figured out eriadites plan to over throw the government and there crack down on people of divergence. they try to save the government but end up captured and the whole ecosystem gets over run and controlled with mind control. the divergents who are not effected by the mind control technique are able to run away and come up with a plan.

During reading i Felt i had a bit of a connection to tris because she was able to over come many of her fairs in the initiation. She is able to jump from moving trains, jump through holes that you don’t know what is going to happen to you once you jump through them. She fights people and isn’t afraid of being to badly injured. This shows the strength that she must have in some of these situations, to just do it and over come any fairs that you may have. Recently i have come over some of my bigger fairs in life and it can really open you up to many opportunities and possibilities that you previously wouldn’t have even thought of let alone consider. I also believe that and attitude to just do things and not worry about what will happen/what the out come is can be a great quality is many situations and can enable you to go places you’ve never been before.

This book takes place in a post war society where the communities have been set up in faction. This could potentially be topical in the world right now with war threats from countries like North Korea, America, Australia and the middle east. This leads to the potential of our world ending up in a similar, all be it unlikely, situation. This book potentially gives an insight to what the would could be like in the future. It makes me think about how scary it would be to live in a world ruined by a third world war.

Divergent is not explicitly writen through Tris’s eyes but it follows her through the whole book, this makes Tris a very strong character in the book and helps you connect more directly to her. As a boy, given that she is that same age, it give an interesting perspective in to how a girl would live in a society such as the one in this book. I really enjoyed this book, it is aimed specifically at my age group and is really engaging for people my age to read.

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