10th March 2017

Macbeth Metaphor análisis

“That my keen knife see not he wound it makes”

Shakespeare shows that lady Macbeth doesn’t what do know he wrong doings and doesn’t want anyone else to know either. He shows this by using song metaphors.

When Lady Macbeth is Talking about killing the king she says “my keen knife see not the wound it makes”

When she says this she is making her knife and extension of herself by giving it human qualities. She is also saying that She doesn’t want her/her knife to see what it has done.

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  1. This is a good start. It clearly explains the use of the personification and makes a clear statement about what Shakespeare might be trying to indicate through its use.

    To develop it further, I encourage you to have a close look at some of your technical execution as there are a couple of transient mechanical errors in there and also I’d encourage you to expand on why Lady Macbeth wishes there to be such secrecy around her desired intentions.


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