13th February 2017

Conversation Street

Me: Hello

Caitlin: Oh hello

Me: How art thou

Caitlin: Pretty good

Caitlin: Printed out my NZYSW music

Caitlin: Look how exciting it is

Caitlin: (Image of music)

Me: Oh?

Me: Oh hahahaha

Me: Nice

Caitlin: I thought so

Me: I see some quavers

Caitlin: Some of it s actually hardish though

Caitlin: I know they are risking a lot with this quavers, Bari players done see a lot of those.

Caitlin: Anyway how be you?

Me: Im good, Tired

Me: But I’m always tired XD

Caitlin: XD me too

Me: Its kind of a boring song anyway

Me: Gets better at the end

Me: In the last min or so

Caitlin: The one i showed you?

Me: Metroplex

Me: Yea

Caitlin: I have many more quavers on the second paper, Yea

Me: Oh, Right ok

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