“That my keen knife see not he wound it makes” Shakespeare shows that lady Macbeth doesn’t what do know he wrong doings and doesn’t want anyone else to know either. He shows this by using song metaphors. When Lady Macbeth is Talking about killing the king she says “my keen knife see not the wound […]

Scene 2; A camp near forres Characters: King duncan, Melcom, Donalbain, Lenix, Solider, Ross and angus Location: Camp near forres Time: Unknown   A bloodied solider told the king of Scotland how the battle had been going, Luck had been on the other side then Macbeth came and killed McDonald, the other sides leader. Norway […]

Hypothesis: When people communicate via text they often use shortened words and abbreviations, Whist many people might not agree with this use of text i believe it is about speed and efficiency, understanding for some and inclusivity. An example of efficiency can be be seen in the analysis of the abbreviation “tho” . When people […]

Language Investigation Hypothesis: Emotions are communicated through more than just the language used. Emotion is communicated via paralanguage means, such as expression, tone, your volume and the way that you hold yourself.

Recoding of Otto, Devlin, Maddi, Ruth

Me: Hello Caitlin: Oh hello Me: How art thou Caitlin: Pretty good Caitlin: Printed out my NZYSW music Caitlin: Look how exciting it is Caitlin: (Image of music) Me: Oh? Me: Oh hahahaha Me: Nice Caitlin: I thought so Me: I see some quavers Caitlin: Some of it s actually hardish though Caitlin: I know […]

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